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CD Visuals for Every Student

Visuals for Every Student is a CD which

includes phonogram cards and notebook

visuals, for all five levels of Orton-Gillingham

type instruction. On the CD you'll also find an

index and extensive notes and tips on using

the CD. All documents are in in PDF format,

so they will print on any computer. I will gladly

email free samples upon request If you put "request

free sample" in the subject box, I'll get to it more quickly.


The CD is priced at 45.00 + tax & shipping. To purchase one, email me at, please put purchase CD in the subject box. I'm now

accepting PayPal. The process is so much easier. Order Monday and receive by


Here is a small sampling from my CD:

Phonogram Cards


  • 54 pages of card fronts
  • 2 choices for some, 3 sounds - new card for each sound added (see ew card in the sample above)
  • card backs, on separate pages, have pronunciation guides and key words
  • card backs for morphemes contain information on meaning .... micro: small or minute
  • 5 cards per page, to print on 110 lb. card stock
  • the sample above contains cards from many levels

Notebook Visuals


  Above are examples of Syllable Type pages. They will print like the one

pictured on the left. You can use them to create notebook pages like the yellow

one or wall charts similar to the example on the right. You also have similar

pages for syllable divisions. I use this format so you can add types or divisions

on an as needed basis. Tips and instructions are included.

ounds, Generalizations and Morphemes 



  • Sound Charts for all levels are included.

  • The CD has Rule and Generalization Pages.  You'll also find instructions for

making (and tips for using) manipulatives to go along with them.  To Floss or Not                                                                                                                                          to Floss and Floss Rule puzzle are pictured above.


  • Pages for morphemes include lines so students can make notes  and/or lists.      



Luckily I had room for my favorite visual of all time; the Snail Mail mailer.  I

write a decodable note and their ai list inside. On ai day, a designated person

says, "Jen, you've got mail!" [I make sure I'm in the vicinity so I can see their

reaction.]  Every student I mailed it to was so surprised!  This experience made

ai mail easy to remember; and it made a good impression on their parents too.


That is Visuals for Every Student, in a nutshell ! If you have questions,

please email me at


Happy Tutoring, Stacey


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